Tracy Mortimer MAR Reflexologist Reflexology for Hereford

Tracy has been treating me for about four years due to bad sinus problems. She made me feel extremely relaxed from the initial consultation and for every treatment that has followed. I started with a standard reflexology treatment and have had hot stone reflexology for the past 18 months.
Tracy has always been professional, and I have great confidence in her ability and knowledge. She immediately makes you feel at ease and is very good at asking open questions that draw out what you are feeling. She is a very positive person with a gentle, understanding and encouraging attitude to life and this results in each session being a relaxing experience. My sinus issues have been helped immensely as part of these sessions and my sense of smell is slowly returning. I also feel that my whole body is benefiting from the treatment.

During each treatment I feel very calm and often fall into a relaxed sleep and afterwards I have a sense of deep peace both emotionally and physically. Over the next few days after a treatment, I am always full of energy and enthusiasm for even the most mundane jobs.

Tracy has also started treating my 13 yr old son who was quite sceptical but open to treatment. I have watched all of his treatments and am amazed at how a lively young lad can lie down and go into such a deep relaxed state within ten minutes. I always feel quite emotional and pleased watching this and feel that it is so great for a teenager. My son looks forward to each session and afterwards he says he can’t apprehend what has happened but feels a deep sense of relaxation and as if he is walking on air. He always sleeps well after treatments and I struggle to wake him the next day.

I have great confidence and affection for Tracy and would recommend her to anyone.

JH – Oct 2016

"Tracy is one of the kindest, most compassionate healers I have ever had the great fortune to meet. She is intuitive and gentle to the highest degrees of integrity on all levels. She helped me so much during my three months of treatment with her. Sadly I am now leaving England for America and I will miss her and her treatments so much!.
Do your 'self' a favour and get treated by Tracy, for she is the rarest of healers

KR – June 2018

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